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To our Primeparts Customers

Thank you for taking time to browse our web store.

We appreciate your interest, as we are sincerely interested in serving your needs. Whatever it is that you are seeking, please allow us the opportunity to meet your need. In the rare event that we can't get what you need, you'll be cheerfully directed to a source! Our first class service isn't reserved for only a select few.

We encourage everyone to utilize our WILL CALL service at our Indianapolis showroom and electronic parts warehouse or shop online from our web store. Our 20,000 square feet facility stocks over one billion parts and is managed by a well trained professional staff eager to assist you. We're the largest independent distributor in INDIANA. We gladly accept any size order and welcome all new cutomers.

Using experience and resources gained serving OEM's allows us to provide every customer benefits our competitors reserve for only their largest accounts. You'll enjoy first class service and save time and money. We truly believe you'll agree that Prime Parts need not cost a premium! We respectfully ask you to put us to the test!

Patrick Croft,

PrimeParts has been a leader in electronic supply and distribution since 1977. From the largest commercial companies to the hobbyist in their basement PrimeParts has been the place people turned to for exceptional quality and value.

Situated in Indianapolis, Indiana, PrimeParts is able to ship at lower cost, saving its customers those coast to coast triple zone fees. Everything we sell arrives on your doorstep as promised.

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