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Oriental Motor MC501416C shaft coupler


Oriental Motor
MC501416C Oriental Motor Gearhead Shaft Coupler

MC501416C Oriental Motor Shaft Coupler
  • Slit Type Flexible Coupling
  • Size: Dia: 50mm , Len: 70mm
  • Shaft Size 14mm and 16mm
  • Alignment Adjustment
  • Permmissible Eccentricty : 0.2mm
  • Permissible Declination(deg): 2
  • Permissible End Play: +/- 0.5mm
  • Vexta MC501416C
  • New in box surplus
Misalignment beyond the permissible will not only shorten coupling life, but may damage the motor shaft and shorten bearing life.
To increase the couplings service, we recommend an alignment within 1/3 of the permissible values

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  • Model: MC501416C
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Manufactured by: ORIENTAL MOTOR

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