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Port A Pole

Portapole Mast System
  1. Extremely strong and versatile
  2. Choice of Aluminum Alloy or Fiberglass
  3. Compact, light, and portable yet strong and rugged
  4. Available as a system or individual components
Used for instrumentation, security, communications, audio/video, and more applications requiring a antenna mast system.
Interchangeable sections allow insulated or conductive systems.  Options include vehicle mounts, tri-pod bases, heavy-duty guys,
lanyards, and custom designed systems to meet your needs.

"THE BASIC"  $219.95
  1. 30 foot 2 level guyed mast with alloy guy clips,
  2. Line-grips
  3. 400LB lines
  4. Guy rings
  5. Stakes
  6. Tote bag and instructions
Installs in less than 10 minutes with one person, even faster with a helper.

  • 44" x 1.75" Aluminum Alloy Mast Section:  $11.95
  • 44" x 1.75" Fiberglass Mast Section  $9.95
  • Guy Ring (allows 3 or 4 way guys, plus lanyard)  $9.95
  • Pole tote bag (9 pole capacity)  $44.95
  • Accessory Bag (guys, stakes, lanyards, etc.)  $13.95
  • Three-way two level guy system  $64.95
  • Replacement alloy guy clips  $2.25
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